Time for me to test what polls are like to play with.

(These are all taken from threads on reddit, and credited to their respective users)

What makes it “love?”A mutual respect for one another. The feeling that the other person is the perfect person to cheer you on through life. The willingness to work though low points and keeping your appreciation of that person through those low points.
Every relationship looses it’s fizzle every now and again. It’s not all roses. But do you love that person, or are you in love with that person? Being in love. Being in love is staying in your relationship because that other person, that leaving-the-toilet-seat-up-but-kisses-your-forehead-when-you’re-crying type of person, is the one and only person you want to come home to at the end of the day. Being in love, is when that person is actually good for you. When that person makes you feel good and wants you to have good. Being in love doesn’t mean that you stay with that person because their comfortable. Being in love means you would rather have your heart broken, than hurt the person you love by having them stay because of a safety net.
– ams1989

loving another person is the feeling that you will do everything to the best of your ability to make your significant other feel happy because in turn it makes you happy.
– jakejon

Sex is nice, but if that’s all you have at the end of the day, its not a relationship — it’s an extended booty-call.    

Don’t let your relationship become an obstacle to your personal goals. The other person might leave you, but you will always have yourself. Your happiness and sense of self-worth are in your hands, not your ex’s.     

Never let your fights become Me versus You. Approach every conflict as Us versus The Problem.