The Advantage of Insignificant Holidays

Sometimes life is monotonous and stressful. You know what I’m talking about. Stresses like at school, your life repeats itself day in and day out, there isn’t any reason for you to get out of bed in the morning. You feel like you’re getting lost in the void.

My life felt like this a couple years ago. I looked forward to holidays because they provided a chance for me to be excited, for me to do something different that only happened once a year. But there were so many days that were just… Average. Nothing special about them.

I realized that the key to not getting lost in the monotony was to appreciate each day. And I found a good way to do this was to celebrate the little-known holidays of each day. Because then, instead of it being May 17, a day in the middle of Nay with nothing to offer, it became National Packrat day, where I filled up my pockets with random stuff I found to pay homage to people who keep absolutely everything. (Butter4you will remember that this was the first day we started doing this- she celebrated ‘em with me) July 30 became Cheesecake day. September 19 became Talk like a Pirate Day. (I still celebrate this one with my friends, aaaargh.)

This helped me get through the crappy days. I could put aside my worries of school and social life and could instead get excited about the fact that today I was gonna do something different, regardless of how insignificant it was to most others. It was like having a bit of adventure in my life, that always changed.

If you’re having a tough time of things in life right now, try doing this. It might help you appreciate each day as special. You can find a list here. Maybe go find what day it is, and have an adventure.

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